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Wall breaker

Break 200 piles a day with Taets prefab pile breakers!


The product range of our wall-breakers is based on the various wall types, wall thickness and reinforcement. Due to the diversity of foundation techniques world wide and the modular concept of the wall-breaker, we can also configure the breaker to suit not standard designs. Please contact us for more details.

  • Little digging due to small dimensions and low cut of level.
  • Environmental safe, no noise, no vibrations.
  • The reinforcement remains fully intact.
  • perfect horizontal concrete fracture between the chisels.
  • No cracks below cut off level.
  • Operation and maintenance are very easy and don’t require special skills.
  • Low operate costs, high efficiency

Taets prefab pile breaker

Wall breaker - product specifications

Technical specifications
Wall breaker
Wall thickness
weight (ton)
Type 45 35 – 45 cm 350 20 600 12
Type 80 60 – 80 cm 350 40 1500  20
Type 100 80 – 100 cm 350 60 2600 30