Advanced pilebreaking technology since 1978

Pile cutter

Break 200 piles a day with Taets prefab pile breakers!


Taets manufactures hydraulic pile-cutters for cutting over-lengths of foundation piles. When you choose for Taets you choose for an established company with more than 36 years’ experience in manufacturing hydraulic construction equipment.

  • Clean cut of concrete and steel between the blades.
  • Very fast operation due to cutting with two moving blades.
  • Cutting piles close together is easy due to slim design. (only 11 cm!)
  • Operation and maintenance are very easy and don’t require special skills.
  • Low operate costs, high efficiency.
  • Environmental safe, no noise, no vibrations.
  • The cutter is designed for cutting piles above and under water.
  • With closed blades the special suspension equipment ensures save carrying of a cut-off piece.

Taets prefab pile breaker

Available pile-cutter specifications

Technical specifications
Pile cutter
Pile range
weight (ton)
Type 16 0 - 420 350 minimun 32 900 Minimum 12