Advanced pilebreaking technology since 1978

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Due to the diversity of foundation techniques world wide, the range of pilebreakers have increased considerably. The latest technology makes it possible to break prefab piles (square, hexagonal, octagonal and round) and cast-in-situ piles (round). The entire process is 10 times faster then conventional breaking methods and done in a controlled and save way.

Pilebreaker for square piles

Pile sizes from 150mm up to 600mm. See details for square pilebreakers

Pile cutter

Pile sizes from 150mm up to 400mm.

See details for the pile cutter


Pilebreaker for round piles

Pile diameters from 300mm up to 1800mm. See details for round pilebreakers


Wall breaker

Wall thicknesses from 600mm up to 1000mm.

 See details for the wall breaker