Advanced pilebreaking technology since 1978


Advanced pilebreaking technology since 1978

Taets Techniek B.V. established in 1973 and based in the Netherlands, is a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment and systems for the construction industry. The company is located in Wassenaar near Rotterdam, which is the main port to Europe.

Taets Techniek B.V. since 197436 years ago, Taets developed the unique pile-breaking concept as an attachment for excavators for the Dutch market where foundations mainly consist of driven square concrete pre-stressed piles. Since the pilebreakers were sold and used successfully in the Netherlands, Taets decided to export the Pile breaker as well.

Due to the diversity of foundation techniques world wide, the range of pilebreakers has increased considerable. The latest technology makes it possible to break all prefab- and bored piles with a diameter up to 1.8 meter. Production is made in series, in order to cope with the increasing demands for the machines and to be able to make delivery from stock for a good price.

The objective of the company for the coming two years is to expand their market, by seeking cooperation with dealers, distributors and agents who understand the local construction market as well as the domestic habits and culture. In order to be successful a good relation between Taets representative and local contractor/customer is indispensable.

Beside this marketing strategy, Taets is very confident about the quality of the product after 36 years of optimising and improvements. Taets will take any opportunity to proof this to their customers.

Pilebreaker Type 380

Taets pile breaker for situ piles (type 380)

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