Advanced pilebreaking technology since 1978
  • NO.1

    The Taets Hydraulic pilebreaker is the most advanced, efficient and time-saving system in the world for trimming concrete foundation piles. Working with the pilebreaker results in a perfect horizontal finish, undamaged reinforcement and no cracks below cut-off level.

    Break 200 piles a day!
  • Worldwide distribution & service:

    With distributors in Australia, Asia, the Middle East, North- and South Amerika and throughout Europe, Taets can guarantee excellent distribution and service.

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  • Diversity:

    The latest technology makes it possible to break square, hexagonal, octagonal and circular shaped piles in a fully controlled way throughout it’s operation.

  • Performance:

    With a high availability of spare parts and standard machines, Taets is able to respond to the customers needs very accurate. Your wish is our command!

Our products

Pilebreakers for square piles

Wall breaker

Pilebreakers for round piles

Pile cutter

Worldwide dealer network

Hydraulic pilebreakers

Taets manufactures hydraulic pilebreakers for prefab and cast-in-situ foundation piles. When you choose for Taets you choose for an established company with more then 36 years experience in manufacturing Pilebreakers.

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